Tuesday, August 22, 2006

'Date Night' more than just one night of week

Most people look forward to the weekend; the parties, the clubs, the games and the lazy Sundays.

I look forward to Wednesday. Why? Wednesday nights are “date nights.”

My work schedule conflicts with my husband’s, which means rarely do we get a Friday and Saturday night together, unless you count our together time after 1 a.m. (when I usually arrive home from work – get your mind out of the gutter!).

“Date night” is special. It’s precious time when the two of us can relax and concentrate on just us. As newlyweds, (though I question if we’re really “newly”-weds when we’ve been together for six years) we can use the extra time to talk about our future – you know, the picket fence, the two cats and a dog, and the two children and a half.

My grandparents have a “date night.” They go to dinner and a movie every Friday. I’ve always admired their commitment to spending time together. As I grow older and wiser in the ways of married life, I realize marriage ain’t easy, and when you can set aside uninterrupted time for the two of you, that’s unique.

Richard and I change up the schedule when it comes to Wednesday night fun. Some times we do dinner and a movie. Other nights we go to concerts or hang out with friends at fine drinking establishments – you know the kind, ones with NTN trivia and $2 drinks. Sometimes we don’t have the cash flow to go all out, and so macaroni n’ cheese and the "Hoosiers" DVD works wonders, too.

I want to hear what activity you have for “date night.” And please, we all know sex is an activity, however, let’s hear what fun dates you and your partner have done or would like to do in the future.

Sky diving? Art museum? Comedy club? Give us some ideas on what kind of dates go beyond the dinner and a movie routine.


Rachel said...

ny husband and I love to poke around antique shops and art galleries. It doesn't sound very exciting but we love being able to do that without our 14 year old son complaining and wanting to leave because we are boring him to pieces. We also like just going out for a glass of wine and enjoying each other's conversation without the xbox 360 blasting in the background.

Anonymous said...

Date nite for my wife and I is the 1.95 happy hour at Mccormicks seafoood. Great food at a cheap price, and I get to spend time with my wife without children, TV or pressures of bills at home draining us

Anonymous said...

We don't have kids (and will not ever have them), so "getting away from the kids" isn't really part of our deal when we plan dates. But, when we do have a day off together, my fiance and I will rent some Adam Sandler movies and get a couple of cheap bottles of champagne and just veg out and laugh all day. Another one of our favorite passtimes is fishing (since I've relocated from Charlotte to live with him in Florida, we do that alot).

Anonymous said...

we like to take long drives and check out the new malls and restaurants that have opened in the area.

Anonymous said...

Date night has turned into date mornings. We have a standing breakfast date at the Original Pancake house for breakfast, newspapers. "Back in the day" we had rousing games of scrabble but my obnoxious competitive streak made hubby suggest other activities.

BD said...

I don't really agree in having a set night, where is the excitement in this kind of routine?

There shouldn't be long enough between taking out your other half that you've forgotten what she was wearing...

(I'm not putting it this way because I have a good memory. ;P)