Friday, February 02, 2007

Sex and health issues: It's our duty to speak up

After reading this story, I knew I wanted to find an angle to blog about.

I enlisted my husband’s help. I read aloud the majority of the article, both of us snug in our king-sized bed, and with each sentence, he rolled his eyes. Frustrated, I said: “Look, this is serious stuff. What is it? Do you not care research suggests there are direct links to sexual problems and health issues?”

His response, laced with a direct, poignant tone: “Alisha, what does this story have to do with relationships, most specifically fodder for your blog?”

Thinking, shrugging and pondering. It hit me. It has everything to do with relationships. Cue the “in sickness and in health” portion of the marital vows.

We have a responsibility to our partner to watch over him or her. It should be our duty to monitor sexual problems, dysfunctions and quirks, and to report those to a health professional. If this research has even an ounce of accuracy, then just by speaking up, we could be the catalyst for treatment for possibly a more serious health condition.

Our sex lives, especially when there are problems – and, let’s face it, every couple has an issue at some point in time – are not to be taken lightly. We’re talking about our health here, people, not just our libidos or lack thereof.

Indeed, this research has everything to do with relationships.

“Till death do us part.”

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