Friday, April 27, 2007

Hey man, it happened for a reason

I'm a firm believer in the old adage: "Everything happens for a reason."

Think about it. Often when you feel like nothing is going your way, something happens -- you find a wadded-up $20 in the laundry, you run into that cute crush in the grocery store, or you ace the exam you studied a mere 10 minutes for. Some might call it a stroke of luck or perhaps mere coincidence, but I believe all of these little signs happen for a reason.

The past couple of months have brought about more than enough reminders that with a little patience, even good things come around sooner or later.

Below are a few examples from my life. I'd love to hear yours because it's encouraging to know that through the tribulations of life, there's a piece of good that comes out of every downturn.

1. No job -- finding renewed confidence: My husband lost his job in late October 2006. Now, after much emotional as well as financial sacrifice, he has a job he really enjoys and one that has great promise for the future.

2. Exes be gone -- for good: A friend of mine reconnected with an ex recently. When he saw her for the first time in many months, he learned some valuable information that made him thankful he never took the relationship to the next level. Who needs a woman that doesn't truly love you for who you are, right?

3. Burning bridges -- never a good thing: Have you ever had a boss who never should have been made a manager? And you wanted to tell them off, but you didn't want it to follow you the rest of your life? I have. And I recently learned that old boss will cross my path again because our companies have merged. It's a good thing I bit my tongue and turned the other cheek.


Julie said...

I am just out of college last May and I landed a job that I thought would become my career (teaching). But after 4 months, I was having a work crisis in which my boss was taking advantage of me being young and passive. After dealing with job-related depression and anxiety for 2 more months, I realized that my perfect dream life/job/happiness was shattered and I was going to have to do something drastic. I quit my job. I had a lot of feelings of being a failure, depression because my dream hadn't worked out, and a "quarter-life crisis" about what I'd do now.

But this has really been amazing for me. I was so type-A and ambitious before that I didn't know how to deal with NOT succeeding. Now I really understand that it's NOT the end of the world, and you can always change your course.

I'm also a LOT less passive and naive. I have more confidence because I handled the ordeal myself, with maturity and strength. So now, when I'm organizing things at my new job, I feel a lot more like an adult and a lot more powerful than I ever did before.

Pearl said...

I believe when it comes to "it happened for a reason," every difficult situation is an opportunity to grow and hopefully learn something about yourself. Sometimes, without painful events, we'd never realize that perhaps we were operating under false pretenses, or doing things for the wrong reasons.

For me, tough times are God's way of giving us opportunities to learn from our choices and have some eye-opening realizations.

As you always say Alisha, the key is to be introspective and honest with yourself--even if facing the truth hurts. You can't build character without adversity.

Anonymous said...

Most people go through the experiences you had in some way or another during their late teenage years. It is called growing up and find yourself. Those that dont' do this most likely will try to get it out of their system at later age after getting married and kids and so forth. So if you ever wondered why that older guy or older lady was in the club with you then you know why now. They are years behind....