Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Single men: Go to a wedding, now!

Here’s a quick observation: If you’re a single man and you want to not only have a good time (open bar) but also be among hoards of single women, then you must attend a wedding.

I spent the past week in Northern Virginia participating in all the parties, rehearsals and wedding hoopla a bridesmaid gets to take part in.

The most glaring surprise was when it came time to throw the garter and bouquet. As the beautiful bride lined up to toss the flowers over her shoulder, there were at least 12 anxious women clamoring to get their hands on the bouquet. When it was the groom’s turn, only three single and almost reluctant men took part in the ceremonial tossing of the garter.

Some might point out the single men didn’t want to participate because of embarrassment or they were too busy standing in line for the Sam Adams, or perhaps they didn't want to get trampled in the defensive line rush to snatch the garter. However, in a quick scan of the room, it became apparent there really weren’t that many single men in attendance. Most had dates or wives at their sides.

I just don’t get it. If you’re a single man and you want a single woman, why aren’t you guys out buying suits, practicing your pickup lines and saying yes to those wedding RSVP cards?


Anonymous said...

Maybe the single guys are worried about dating one of the anxious women who is hoping to grab the bouquet...? Going on a date with a woman who only has marriage on her mind is enough to scare most men.

Kelly S. said...

Unfortunately, I have noticed this too.

Did Wedding Crashers teach these men nothing?!

Anonymous said...

And how many of those 12 women trying to catch the bouquet had dates to the wedding? I don't know many women who go to weddings by themselves.

Anonymous said...

Last wedding I went to, the only single men there were the groomsmen. All the bridemaids had dates.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have to agree. While many women may be "single" at weddings very very few go without dates. There is no way to tell who is not dating seriously and who is.

Anonymous said...

I have attended a couple of weddings for friend's daughters, and they have all included more single men than single women. The groom's college frat buddies and military buddies were all there. I think a wedding is just as good an opportunity for single women as it is for single men.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, yes (I remember wistfully).......weddings ARE a great place to meet lovely young women. (In fact, come to think of it, I DID meet one that way a long time ago.....but a thousand-mile distance eventually made the GU [Geographically-Undesirable] aspect too difficult, once we both got realistic about it.)

As a middle-aged guy now, & truly happily married, I can say I'm well past that stage, but there IS something about the dynamics of the whole wedding ritual that gets the pheromones going........aside from church or on-line dating, it's maybe the next-best place to find that person (supposedly so tough to find Out There) who's both genuinely sweet AND sexy.

Somebody above joked about the "Wedding Crashers" movie........seriously, I wonder (b/c I remember myself being a little concerned about it), if the really decent guys don't take full advantage of the opportunity 'cause they don't wanna come across as, well, shameless opportunists?

Anonymous said...

Used to be that the bridesmaids were single and the groomsmen were single and if you were in the wedding party, you could look forward to a fun night of partying and flirting. Plus never understood why people in wedding parties bring dates to the wedding--when my ex significant other brought me as a guest, I was bored b/c I was at a table with a bunch of people I didn't know while the boyfriend was partying with his buddies, the other groomsmen.