Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trying to set up friends? Beware.

We all have those special friends in our lives who are single for one reason or another.

And every time you go out with them, you, as the happily-married person who wants your friend to experience the joy a relationship can provide, scan the room hunting for people who look like they have jobs, don't live at home with mom and aren't wearing a wedding band.

And then it hits you that you have other single friends who have similar interests to this particular single friend, and Oh My Gosh! ... why not set them up? It's perfect. Both enjoy playing outdoor sports, reading Pat Conroy and listening to Rush, so they would naturally have to fall for each other. Right? Not necessarily.

Have you ever really tried setting up two of your single friends on a date? I have once and it bombed. I thought I had matched them up perfectly based on their personalities, looks requirements and hobbies.

Um ... where's that "Gong Show" bong when I need it?

After the date was over, the not-so-happy couple called -- individually, of course -- to tell me: Alisha, it's the highest compliment to set up your friends because that shows you care and you know me well enough to try to find a suitable mate. So I appreciate you and your valiant effort. I do, I really do. But, Alisha, don't ever try setting me up again because that was the worst date I've ever been on.

Maybe you've got a success story of setting up your friends?

I sure hope so ... because I give up.


Anonymous said...

I never "set up" friends but I do have parties that I invite my single friends to with the hope that they will find each other. It works! No pressure on anyone involved and when the sparks haven't flown I've seen some wonderful friendships begin.

North Carolina Mortgage said...

reminds me of George from Seinfeld.


Anonymous said...

I have been set up on dates by married friends of mine. I am always grateful when they do this, because I know they're just trying to help me in an area where I haven't had much success on my own.

But invariably, yeah, it doesn't work out. Someone (don't remember who) once said that if a person isn't married by 35, 40, etc., there's probably a good reason for it.

I do like when I am invited to a situation where there will be singles there whom I can meet. Then there's no artificial pressure to like that ONE person, you can talk to a bunch of people and decide IF you want to try to date, etc.

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean Gong show GONG (you wrote bong)? Freudian slip? Whatcha been smokin?

Anonymous said...

I set up good friends who are now married! They have been married for 6 years and have one child. It never hurts to try!

Anonymous said...

Just date the married ones and it's much simpler. Playtime with others AND a big comfy bed to hog all by yourself.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't like it when people try to set me up. I'd rather get to know someone on my own terms so to speak.