Sunday, November 04, 2007

Obviously, age isn't just a number

The Observer had a story a few days ago about how Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue has fibbed about her age for more than two decades, reportedly because it was important to her first husband.

Beverly Perdue was older than Gary Perdue, alright. But we're not talking about years here. The difference was in months. Perdue was born Jan. 14, 1947, but she has often listed the date as Jan. 14, 1948. The change allowed Gary Perdue, born Oct. 6, 1947, to appear older.

"At the time, in the early '70s, that issue was important to her husband and to the marriage. That's why she did that," said Perdue spokesman David Kochman.

This situation illustrates three points:

1. We've come a long way, baby. I spent a hour on the sofa yesterday watching a special on the 25 hottest celebrity "cougar" matches. Of course, the beauteous Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, with their age difference of 15 years, was the No. 1 couple. Today, a lie about an age difference of eight-and-a half months just seems silly.

2. Speaking of silly -- man, we do silly things for love! If seen through the eyes of love, perhaps such a request would seem romantic, and not as a salve for an insecure man's pride.

3. A "little" lie can come back to bite you on the booty years later. So why bother?


Anonymous said...

Getting past the age issue: How can anyone really trust a politician who has consistently lied, not only to her husband but to everyone, for the past three decades? (He must be a huge wuss if her being slightly older made him feel less of a man.)

Anonymous said...

Who cares, geezzz, this is getting ridiculous, she dies her hair too, doesn't that make her a deceptive person?????
Has Beverly Perdue done her job and done it well? Do most of the citizens of North Carolina have a clue what her job is??? Everybody needs to get a life and let the petty crap go.