Monday, January 07, 2008

If she's drunk, does she really like you?

Alisha: It's easy to get signals crossed, and I've recently heard some guys complain about women they have met at parties and bars who have given out their phone numbers and then days later when the guys call, the chicks do not remember a thing. I feel for the guys on this one. Under the influence of some drinks, I think women are definitely more flirtatious, more touchy-feely and give off the gotta-have-you-right-this-minute vibe.
Deirdre: I think it's amazing your friends reached the chicks at all. I've known plenty of women who give out fake numbers or if they give out the real one, they make sure to never answer the phone.
Alisha: But if you're drunk, it's much easier to blab out the real digits instead of a fake one, no?
Deirdre: True. It's also much easier to not think about the consequences when you're drunk.
Alisha: Good point. The guys just wanna know how to tell if a woman is being flirty because she really likes them or being flirty because Captain Morgan is what's making her warm inside.
Deirdre: Heh -- or being flirty because they're buying the Captain Morgans. I gotta say, some women just like to knock back a few drinks and flex their feminine power by getting their flirt on. They want to practice, but not play ball ... and that's hard to recognize when you're screaming to be heard over Soulja Boy in a crowded club.
Alisha: My best advice for the guys who have been hit on by a tipsy gal and aren't sure if a legit interest exists would be to recognize the situation for what it is and let the chips fall where they may. If her flirting was the real deal, odds are good she'll find you -- post-hangover or not.
Deirdre: Something else to keep in mind: Don't get your hopes up too high. You both might get an unpleasant shock if you meet again in a more "sober" light.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, the answer is yes. I met up with a high school classmate at our reunion in 2006, and although we were both pretty tipsy that night, we met up again the following night and then I even traveled out to California to spend several days with her. That's as far as it went, though, because she didn't want to move back to NC and I didn't want to move to California and that's a heck of a long distance.

Beyond that, though, I've learned to take anything a drunk or tipsy girl says with a giant chunk of rock salt. I'll call them if they gave me their number, but just the one time. Life's too short.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of guys don't care if the woman likes you or if its just the liquor talking, if its at a bar or party. They have a goal and the reasons aren't always important. When starting a relationship they're certainly very important, but not everyone you meet at a bar or party wants to do anything more than have some one-time uninhibited physical fun and then sever ties the next day.

JAT said...

Believe it or not -- probably not -- but the amazingly profane flick Superbad actually at its filthy and hysterical little heart a fable on the dangerous of the drunk hook-up.

That and a buddy flick.


Anonymous said...

As long as she likes tapes and CDs I'm fine with it.

fe said...

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