Monday, February 11, 2008

No age limit on love, marriage

Some people search for months, years and even decades trying to find their one true love.

And one day, after tireless waiting, it finally happens. Into your life walks the Cinderella you’ve been dreaming about marrying. She’s beautiful and thin, she’s established and has her finances in order, she can cook like there's no tomorrow, and oh, … she’s 68 years old, and well, you’re 65.

This scenario begs the question: How old is too old to get married?

Is there an age limit to loving someone? – Of course not.
Can an ordained minister marry you no matter your age? – Definitely (sshhh, just don’t tell you got the AARP discount).
Should you have a wedding, complete with five bridesmaids, rehearsal dinner and an overflowing church decked out in $10,000 worth of flowers? – If you’ve already had one big wedding in your life, why overdo it again?

As the saying goes, age is just a number. If you feel young, then you are young. If you love someone, despite the fact he cheats at Bingo or she shops at Aldi, well, then you love them. It’s your prerogative to marry whom you want to marry, when you want to marry.

My sister, Jessica, oversees the Senior Programs (ages 55+) for the Town of Apex (N.C.), and she says she recently had two participants, both in their 80s, get married. She said the couple is as happy as they can be because for them, it’s about companionship and enjoying the rest of their life together.

Isn’t that what a marriage is supposed to be about? Spending each day with the person who makes your life complete, even when you grow old.


Rod said...

Right on, Alisha! I rejoice at marriages at ANY age. Even better, I enjoy celebrating 50th anniversaries with friends. Love finds new dimensions when a couple have spent a whole lifetime together.

Anonymous said...

There is no age limit on finding love and wedded bliss. I can fall in love at 38, 58, 78, maybe even 98.

Grim Reaper said...

Great idea for the 80 year old guy. At least now the remaining years of his life will FEEL like he's living forever. Aww, he'll beg for me.