Wednesday, March 18, 2009

When he hates your playlist

Given that spring's almost here, I've thought about doing a little searching on iTunes so I can create a happy-song playlist for the sunny days ahead.

But then I thought about how I might not be able to play it while I was hanging out with my husband, who would no doubt be annoyed by at least some -- and perhaps many -- of the songs that would make the list.

Chief among them would be "Sadie" by Joanna Newsom, a harp-playing folk artist who kind of screeches more than she sings. But her words are poetry, and she sets a reasonable standard for singing ability for the pitch-challenged among us.

Then, he might be annoyed by my choices of -- yep, I'll fess up to them -- "Rush, Rush" by Paula Abdul. "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera. "Get Low" by Flow Rida.

Are they cheesy songs? Oh yeah. But there's something about them that makes me happy -- the singing-in-the-car-at-the-top-of-my-lungs kind of happy. ("You're My Best Friend" by Queen, anyone?)

So we'll have to figure it out, I guess. After all, hearing Motorhead's "Killed by Death" makes my husband smile every time. Me, not so much.

So you fess up. Which songs on your playlist might annoy others?


Anonymous said...

I'm a bit of a music snob, but it's always a huge turn-off when I look through a girl's iPod or iTunes and see nothing but single songs from artists. I prefer a girl who listens to albums, its like if you only liked one part of a painting and cut it out to hang on your wall instead of the entire canvas. In reality those of you who have nothing but single songs from artisits listen to them while they're popular at the club and then forget about them..... says alot about the type of person you might be. Agree to disagree i guess

DMorrisPE said...

The music files that I have compiled over the years include what I consider to be "best of breed" and all of them make me smile - depending upon my mood at a given moment. I've gott just about everything from Oldies to Beach Music, Big Bands to HipHop, Country to Zydeco, Reggae to Polkas, Jazz to Gospel. I don't have Heavy Metal or Rap because I enjoy melodies and lyrics. If you can't whistle the tune, it's not music.

My car radio will play MP3s, so, I've burned 153 tunes on a CD and set the playback to "Random". That way I never hear the same combination of songs twice. And yes, I am also a "singalong" person.

Anonymous said...

"But then I thought about how I might not be able to play it while I was hanging out with my husband"
Sounds like you've got bigger issues than what to put on your playlist if you aren't "able" to play it when your husband is around. What will happen if you do?

Anonymous said...

Had a roommate for three years, true story, who had awful taste in music....I'm into rock, blues, country, etc.,...everytime I rode in his car, I had to listen to bubble gum pop, or Olivia Newton-John, or the South Park soundtrack. But I learned to deal with it, and even liked one or two songs.

Point is, music is personal, but we should allow people to enjoy their favorite music in our presence, as a means of showing that the relationship you share is bigger than that which is petty. We may even find that they take our tastes into consideration if we give them the grace to bump their jams.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:16. I bet your single. That sounds ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Black Sabbath - War Pigs

murrbinator said...

i like "the book of right" by joanna newsom, not many people can handle her voice, and that sadie song is out there....